Britain and France prepare military escalation in Syria — Robert Stevens | World Socialist Web Site

“….It has been argued that Syrian helicopters are doing all the damage with chemical, napalm and high explosive barrel bombs. One proposal has been to bomb air runways.”….” How odd then, that, according to Syrians who witnessed several Sarin and barrel bomb attacks, claimed that the helicopters were manned by black clad ISIS members. Also strange is that the International monitors ensuring that Assad has no CW are still present and can testify that no such chemicals are held by the SAA.
Wow. Evidence for such wild claims by war hawks (alternatively known as terrorist enabling chicken shits – well they won’t be the ones dodging bombs, will they?)) within the British Govt. elitists may be a bit thin on the ground, but then so was the evidence of WMD’s in Iraq after western interests bombed the country to death(literally – half a million “Iraqi’s children” died because of interventionism. No saving(Iraqi’s Children) then, is there?

Taking Sides

Britain and France prepare military escalation in Syria

By Robert Stevens

Source: World Socialist Web Site

12 October 2016

Britain’s ruling elite are making advanced preparations towards a major escalation of military operations in Syria.

Parliament met in an emergency three-hour session yesterday to accuse Russia of war crimes in Syria and lay the basis for Britain’s involvement in establishing a no-fly zone and possibly sending ground forces into the war-torn country.

Global tensions over Syria are at a boiling point. As parliament met, Russian President Vladimir Putin cancelled a planned October 19 visit to France in response to the accusation made the previous day by French President Francois Hollande that Moscow was guilty of “war crimes” in Syria.

The Syrian army, with the support of Russia, have been attacking the east of Aleppo, where NATO’s Al Qaeda-linked Islamist proxies in Syria are based. With its proxies facing defeat…

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