China’s Great Leap Forward: Western Frogs Croak Dismay — James Petras | 99GetSmart

The Western frogs can croak themselves hoarse but it won’t change the fact that China is emerging as a competent rival in the economic markets and it’s social programmes make the austerity driven policies of the west and EU look amateurish and class driven efforts to further concentrate the wealth toward the wealthy.

Taking Sides

China’s Great Leap Forward: Western Frogs Croak Dismay

By James Petras99GetSmart

Source(s): The James Petras Website / 99GetSmart

25 March 2017



From their dismal swamps, US academic and financial journal editorialists, the mass media and contemporary ‘Asia experts’, Western progressive and conservative politicians croak in unison about China’s environmental and impending collapse.

They have variably proclaimed (1) China’s economy is in decline; (2) the debt is overwhelming; a Chinese real estate bubble is ready to burst; (3) the country is rife with corruption and poisoned with pollution; and (4) Chinese workers are staging paralyzing strikes and protests amid growing repression – the result of exploitation and sharp class inequality. The financial frogs croak about China as an imminent military threat to the security of the US and its Asian partners. Other frogs leap for that fly in the sky – arguing that the Chinese now threatens…

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