Scandal as NHS plasma supplies sold off by Tories for £230 million sold on to Chinese for £820 million

Pride's Purge

In 2013 the Tories sold off the state owned NHS blood plasma supplier, Plasma Resources UK (PRUK) to US private equity firm Bain Capital for £230 million.

It’s now been revealed that the US firm has sold on the NHS plasma supply company – now renamed Bio Products Laboratory – to Chinese state-owned firm Creat for £830 million.

Which means the hapless Tories have managed to cost the UK taxpayer £590 million – while at the same time ensuring essential supplies of plasma to UK patients are now in the hands of the Chinese government.

But of course the NHS is safe in Theresa May’s hands …

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2 thoughts on “Scandal as NHS plasma supplies sold off by Tories for £230 million sold on to Chinese for £820 million”

  1. This is actually wrong.

    I work for BPL.
    Yes it was sold from being a government owned company tto Bain for the correct mentioned £230m. THAT WAS ALL IT WAS WORTH!
    We were not producing a third of what we are now. When Bain sold we had become a very profitable company from the day when we were government owned. Hence why it was sold at a much larger price to the Chinese group Creat.

    It’s a private company now. Therefore a private sell. So no taxpayer money was spent!
    If anything the NHS had a £230m cash injection from this!

    AND yes we do supply to the NHS… it’s a major part of our contract.

    So yes the tories have actually helped our company, the NHS and the dependency on the availability of our VERY much need products to the NHS and the free markets too.

    This is propaganda BS.

    **From someone who knows!**


    1. Yes, I know someone in the NHS purchasing plasma and am told they now pay two thirds more for the plasma – and they get through a lot! So how many years more will the NHS be paying over the top for a product they bought cheaper before it was sold off? The cash injetion might have been very nice at the time, but now it is a liability and is costing the NHS, rather than cutting costs now. So how does this help the NHS? Short minded thinking for long term profits with the NHS is now paying for.


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