Police accuse Tories: working officers on food vouchers, cannot afford to buy basics or pay household bills

Pride's Purge

An extraordinary article in the well-read and respected Police Hour has accused the Tories under Cameron and May of causing such hardship that officers can no longer “afford to pay household bills or buy basics such as food”:

The simple and most shocking fact here is that police officers within the UK are so desperate for help because their pay and conditions mean they cannot put food on the table for their families, they are struggling to keep a roof over their head.

The article directly blames the Tories for replacing the so-called Edmund-Davies Pay Review – brought in under Labour in the 1970s to ensure police officers were “rewarded enough for the dangerous job they are doing” – with the so-called Winsor Review which the article says has brought Police Officers back to a state whereby they are “struggling”:

We are back to how it was in the 1970s, which can be…

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