BBC reporter (close relative of 2 Tory MPs) accused of collaborating with Theresa May on planted questions

May running scared. Doesn’t know the answers to some questions and doesn’t want us to know the answer to other questions. The difference between Tory Leader and Labour leader? Labour doesn’t need to put the “fix” in. Not that he would be given the chance to do so anyway by the biased BBC and mainstream news. Corbyn doesn’t need the questions loaded in his favour, because he doesn’t need to lie, or obfuscate, or misrepresent, or deceive and certain people think May is credible???? At least now we know why she did not want to argue her case on an all party platform. Remember Cameron? Ask him a question and he would respond with a load of car salesman waffle without actually answering the question, or just plain out lie or mud sling the opposition to divert the argument. May is no match for Cameron’s con man excellence.

Pride's Purge

Channel 4 correspondent Michael Crick claims reporters are asking Theresa May questions which have been pre-chosen by her press team:

During campaigning, May’s press team regularly refuse to allow questions from reporters who are “not on their list”.

Interestingly, at a closed event yesterday in York, the first reporter Theresa May called by name to offer her a question was BBC political correspondent Eleanor Garnier.

A BBC reporter who also happens to be closely related to two Tory MPs – her cousin Mark Garnier and father Edward Garnier.

So no bias at all there then …

You can watch the whole weird press conference here (May takes questions from journalists at about 12.08):

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