Was the April 4 Syria Chemical Weapons Khan Sheikhoun Incident Fake? Not Real? — Stephen Lendman | Global Research

Re-blogged this from Norman Pilon’s Blog site Taking Sides. Well worth a look see. Sources of many of the claims are Syrian civilians who have spoken of what they have witnessed and passed the information to trusted journalist(but not the British or US mainstream) Sa’na, Al Masdar, Syrian Free Press and various local papers are getting the news. This is as good an account as many others and by a credible authour in Stephen Lendman.

Taking Sides

By Stephen Lendman

Clobal Research, May 12, 2017

Clearly what happened was a false flag, wrongfully blamed on Damascus.

But did any attack occur, perhaps a fake incident instead, creating the appearance of a CW attack, not a real one, giving Washington a pretext to strike Syria’s Shayrat airbase?

Here’s what’s known. Al-Qaeda-connected, Western-supported, anti-Assad White Helmets alone provided unverified images of the alleged attack’s aftermath.

No evidence suggests area residents were victims of toxic sarin or any other CW. None sought medical treatment.

Nothing proves an attack actually occurred, just unverified reports claiming one, falsely blaming Damascus for what appears not to have happened.

Last month, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said Khan Sheikhoun areas residents weren’t evacuated to protect them from alleged toxic exposure.

“Neither locals nor pseudo-rescuers have even asked for medicines, antidotes, decontaminants,” or any other help, he explained.

“(T)here are simply no plans…

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