Live reaction to May’s policies has to be seen to be believed (satire) #GE17


Theresa May’s keepers had clearly decided desperate action was needed to stem the ridicule of her stage-managed appearances (and the #WheresTheresa hashtag). So they set up a Facebook Live session with ITV’s Robert Peston.

It was, predictably, a disaster.

The Tories don’t really get social media – and clearly someone is getting fired for not realising that the reactions of viewers are very visible, right then and there, in glorious colour on everyone’s screens, in the form of an ’emoticon feed’.

Oh dear. The video below gives an impression of the actual event – with a little enhancement for effect:

Mrs May’s virtual persona is clearly as lacking in appeal as she is in person – and the Tories’ policies fare no better.

No wonder there’s a huge groundswell for Jeremy Corbyn – even if bbc News doesn’t show much of it. Or of May’s Facebook ‘faceplant’ either, for that matter.

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