CIA Director Mike Pompeo — Who Is Who in World Intelligence and Security Agencies?

A minefield of political agenda, double speak and mind boggling hypocrisy insofar as the various contributors fail to recognize one simple fact. The US are “the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism”.

Intel Today

“Mike Pompeo has served our country with honor and spent his life fighting for the security of our citizens. He will be a brilliant and unrelenting leader for our intelligence community to ensure the safety of Americans and our allies.”

Donald Trump

“The opportunity to lead the world’s finest intelligence warriors, who labour tirelessly to keep this nation and Kansas safe, is a call to service I cannot ignore.”

Mike Pompeo

“Congressman Pompeo is living proof that you can get all A’s at West Point, graduate first in your class, and still flunk the Constitution with its quaint Eighth Amendment prohibition against ‘cruel and unusual punishment.’ Not knowing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights apparently makes you a good pick to head the CIA.”

Former CIA Ray McGovern


November 18 2016 — Donald Trump has offered the post of CIA Director to Congressman Mike Pompeo who accepted the job. Follow…

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