Theresa May pledges to create new internet that would be controlled and regulated by government

Govt. will have the power to silence opposition, stop leaks exposing corruption within the party, silence dissent wherever govt. lies and propaganda conflict with the truth and make George Orwells Bog Brother in 1984 look like a poor relation. This is totalitarianism heading the way of Hitler’s Third Reich. We, the masses, will have our every word scritinized and if not supporting her Party’s dictatorship, censored. It will be like walking in the dark, with only those who conform with State sponsored double speak, being allowed to have their voices heard. If the Tories win, we can kiss good bye to freedom of speech and the right to peaceful assembly. Next will be the banning of undesired literature and multiple arrests and limitless detentions/fines(another way to fund their excesses in their uncosted manifesto) then on to State Enforcement rather than public policing. This Govt. policing of the internet is just the tip of the iceberg. Complete dictatorship is just beyond the horizon – then will come the uprising and riots of the peasant revolt, probably crushing them by using Bungling Boris’ water cannons.

Politics and Insights

Image result for theresa May Internet regulationsA plurality of views and perspectives is a fundamental ingredient of a flourishing democracy. Freedom of speech is a prerequisite of an inclusive, genuine democracy. When a government tries to stifle some perspectives, and control which views may be expressed or permitted online, it’s an indication that we have left democracy behind, and strayed into the realms of authoritarianism.

If Theresa May gets to form a new government next month, then it would appear that the Conservatives will be attempting a regulatory land grab of the Internet. But, if the Conservatives’ digital record is anything to go by, its pledge to negotiate an “international settlement” and be a “global leader” for an incredibly complex area of Internet and data law looks, frankly, like the stuff of dystopian movies about totalitarian regimes. I suspect the phrase “digital crime” is set to take on a whole new meaning. 

May is planning to…

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