Noam Chomsky endorses Jeremy Corbyn. Here’s why

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Image result for Noam ChomskyProfessor Noam Chomsky has urged the British electorate to vote for Labour. In an exclusive interview with theGuardian, earlier this month, Chomsky stated: “If I were a voter in Britain, I would vote for him.”

The linguist, cognitive academic and philosophical anarchist endorsed Jeremy Corbyn, and claims that the Labour Party would be doing far better in opinion polls if it were not for the “bitter”hostility of the mainstream media.

As Chomsky is world renowned for being a major critic of neoliberalism, it comes as no surprise that he supports a candidate who would reverse the radical reforms that Britain has gone through since the Thatcher era.

He said there were a lot of factors involved, but insisted that Labour would not be trailing the Conservatives so heavily in the polls if the media was more open to Corbyn’s agenda. “If he had a fair treatment from the…

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