Was the Bolshevik Revolution a Failure? (A Symposium) — Paul Mattick (1938)| Marxists Internet Archive

I’ve yet to revisit all that Marx espoused(though in all fairness, when I read it forty years ago, I thought the concept idealistic but untenable, more to do with human nature than ideology)

Taking Sides

(A post for Susan if and when she has the time . . .)

Source: Marxists Internet Archive

By Paul Mattick 1938

Was the Bolshevik Revolution a Failure?
(A Symposium)

SourceThe Modern Quarterly, Fall 1938, pp. 16-20.
Transcribed: by Thomas Schmidt
Proofed: by Jonas Holmgren

The Questions

  1. Did the Bolshevik Revolution achieve its proletarian objectives?
  2. Is the dictatorship of the proletariat consonant with Party Dictatorship?
  3. Can a proletarian State arise on the basis of the wage system, managed by a Party-State? What constitutes the abolition of capitalism?
  4. Does Lenin’s thesis that in the imperialist epoch the proletariat alone can lead a revolution to complete the “Bourgeois task” claim validity in view of the course pursued by Cardenas in Mexico, Kemal Pacha in Turkey, etc.?
  5. Viewed in retrospect, did the seizure of power by the Bolsheviks retard the World Proletarian Revolution?


I deny the assumption…

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