Terror attacks show Theresa May must STOP cutting our emergency services to the bone

Pride's Purge

For the last seven years we have seen drastic cuts by the government to our emergency services:

The police:

Police forces all face major budget cuts

Watchdog says police cuts have left forces in ‘perilous state’


96% of hospitals have nurse shortages

Fire fighters:

Firefighter shortage blamed for shocking number of fire engines out of service


Shortage of paramedics in London

Ambulance services face paramedic shortage this winter

Accident & Emergency:

Almost half of NHS authorities to cut hospital beds and third to close A&E

Yet Theresa May claims there is enough money to give tax breaks to billionaires:

Tories’ £1bn inheritance tax giveaway will help just 26,000 wealthy families

Theresa May also said today after the latest terrorist attacks: “enough is enough”.

I absolutely agree.

Enough of her cuts to our essential services!


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