The Updated Military Strategy of the US: Ambiguity and Dominance

The Updated Military Strategy of the US: Ambiguity and Dominance.

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The 2015 National Military Strategy of the USA sees it’s objectives as being guided by NSIs(National Security Interests) seeming to be a mix of self delusion and the continuance of destructive interference and aggression by stealth or open hostility using force. The interests, as outlined in the strategy, may seem reasonable but for the skewed vision of US “exceptionalism” they themselves are the only ones allowed to pursue those strategies. For instance, the US may protect it’s citizens wherever they are – but another country such as Russia, may not, deeming another country’s actions as aggressive. Which is exactly what it has done in the case of Crimea. The US also seems set to preserve and extend (pursue and impose by whatever means) it’s own twisted misconception of what constitutes “universal values” which they are most certainly not. Given the way they govern their own country and condone the activities of the nazi regime of Israel, the Human Rights Violations of the Saudis and the breaking of the Minsk Agreement 1 by Kiev and the Ukraine ethnic cleansing programme, they are, to put it mildly, somewhat detached from reality. Such double standards of corrupt thinking are not “universal values”. The fact that the strategy lists their own tactics of state sponsored terrorist interventionism in destabilizing nation states, the pursuit of ever more advanced and destructive military technologies, cyber warfare, and bringing misery to countless people, using misinformation and outright lies by means of propaganda and failure to observe International Rules of warfare as in the case of the Geneva Conventions, the UN charter – many of the GA conventions they have refused to ratify, where they themselves might be held accountable, the Helsinki Accords which they broke, the Paris Charter which they have dismissed, the NATO agreement they have reneged on and last but not least, the agreement they also signed: the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, shows a certain lack of perception of their own guilt. Mea Culpa does not exist in their mindset. Think of the old saying “Oh for the gift that God did gee us, to see ourselves as others see us” (Robbie Burns – Scottish poet) and you have an inkling into the warped mentality of the US mentality.This whole misconception of their own righteousness has so infected their psyche that they have not realized who and what they truly are. According to Andrey Panevin who takes note from John Mearsheimer in an article called “America Unhinged” described as excellent, who sees the degradation of US credibility and society as stemming from its perpetual interventionism and warfare. The 2015 Military Strategy would seem to bear witness to the assessment by many countries now, of America‘s addiction to its own dogma of World Domination by fair and foul means without recognising the “Mr Hyde” persona now controlling them. The strategy completely overlooks the irony of it’s advice – condemning strategy applicable to others, which the US itself employs.Unhinged is putting it mildly Mr. Mearsheim

EXPOSED: US Mayor Mohamed T Khairulla, Kenan Rahmani & Company Behind the Destruction of Syria with ISIS Lies & US Tax Dollars

That the US connived to oust Assad is not in doubt nor the silencing of Mother Agnus Marium , Carla Del Ponte report or that the Muslim Brother was and still does facilitate weapons transportation in many areas of the world. But the truth has been buried so deep by the US propaganda machinations and the helpful UN who are nothing but US puppets that the situation is irretrievable, the lies now firmly embedded and institutionalised by organisations like the BBC and the UK corporate owned media that they will never be allowed to surface. Too many would suffer humiliation, loss of credibility and outright condemnation. The UN had to have been aware when the pictures of supposed Syrians were proved to be embarrassingly pictures of Palestinians beaten and tortured by Israelis. None of the truths in this report will ever undo the calculated and vicious campaign against the real leader of Syria and as a consequence Syrians more than 24 million of whom are loyal to Assad will continue to die, of the remaining 50 million, the greater majority would choose Assad over any US imposed regime. As with Ukraine, the people pay in blood for the crimes of US “intervention”. People like Clinton, Bush, Obama, Powers, McCain, Stevens, Rice, Nuland, Pyatt and many more lose nothing.

the real Syrian Free Press

fsa to isis

EXPOSED: US Mayor Mohamed T Khairulla, Kenan Rahmani & Company Behind the Destruction of Syria with ISIS Lies & US Tax Dollars

By NevaehWestSyrianFreePress.NETwork ~ 28 May 2015

Lets understand when we share news, there is a BIG difference between an “allegation” and a “fact.” An allegation is NOT back by facts, this is why we call it an allegation. A perfect example of this is a statement like this: “A Syrian activist claims…” Everyone should be aware of stories they read, and news they share when they make such claims within them, or have NO proof to back them up.

As in Muslim countries, there are different TYPES of Muslims. They are as different as the countries they represent. I wont go too much about this, as a great reporter, Sharmine Narwani does that job for me. She was a senior associate for an Oxford University…

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300 Saudi soldiers and a commander join Yemeni forces ~ Saudi pilot suicidal after seeing photos of Yemeni children massacred by him

The incident happened after the tribal leaders in Najran said they want to detach from Saudi Arabia and join the Yemenis in their war on Saudi Arabia.Sheikh Fouzi Akram, the leader of Yaam and Walad Abdullah tribes in Najran told FNA on Monday that the city’s tribes have immediate plans for separation from the Central government in Riyadh.“The Saudi army fires mortar shells and missiles at Najran region and then blames the Houthis of Yemen for it,” he said, adding that a number of tribes in Southern Najran have already had meetings with the Yemeni army on how to fight back at the Saudi army.

via 300 Saudi soldiers and a commander join Yemeni forces ~ Saudi pilot suicidal after seeing photos of Yemeni children massacred by him.

Briefings of the Soviet Informburo, 1942

Stalin copy

Original: Colonel Cassad
Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov

Preamble: This acerbic parody draws inspiration from the statements of various public figures in both Russia and Novorossiya, many of them self-styled advocates of the Kremlin’s point of view and proponents of Minsk negotiations and the various painfully ridiculous geopolitical stratagems that have been collectively designated as the “cunning plan.” Many of the quotations from statements made by these opportunists are used almost verbatim, with appropriate substitutions, where necessary, of Germany for Ukraine, Ostland Reichskomissariat for the DPR and the LPR, and so forth. Understanding how preposterous statements like these would have sounded coming from the victors of the Great Patriotic War, the people who defeated the scourge of fascism in Europe, should jolt many into understanding some of the troubling aspects of the passive Russian policies in relation to the war in Ukraine and the failure of the government to explain its motivations.

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Macedonia – the next hot spot after Ukraine?

Free Ukraine Now

It’s already erupting.

From Fort Russ

May 12, 2015
Nikolay Starikov
Translated by Kristina Rus
What is behind the events in Macedonia

The geopolitical games of USA around Ukraine have already led to a civil war in this country. Now to maintain the chaos near the borders of Russia and preserve the tension in the center of Europe, the U.S. is ready to plunge another European country into chaos — Macedonia.

The Turkish Stream Macedonia is a fragment of Yugoslavia. The country is small and pretty quiet. But there is a source of tension. It’s the Albanian diaspora of the country, which by some estimates is about 25% of population of Macedonia. Albania is next door. And next door is Serbia with Kosovo, virtually occupied by NATO. Where Albanian extremists have much freedom. The Albanian factor is used as a source of destabilization of Macedonia.

Who does it and why?


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Israel agree to two states? Israel’s intentions were voiced to the Conciliation Commission on August 31st 1949. It’s actions since, show no change of plan.

First, find out what isn't true...

15th May 1948 Letter From the Agent of the Provisional Government of Israel to the President of the United States, “MY DEAR MR. PRESIDENT: I have the honor to notify you that the state of Israel has been proclaimed as an independent republic within frontiers approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its Resolution of November 29, 1947, and that a provisional government has been charged to assume the rights and duties of government for preserving law and order within the boundaries of Israel, for defending the state against external aggression, and for discharging the obligations of Israel to the other nations of the world in accordance with international law. The Act of Independence will become effective at one minute after six o’clock on the evening of 14 May 1948, Washington time.”


Despite the fact that the League of Nations Covenant Article…

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Hungary Kills The Rothschild Banks: Ordered To Vacate Country.

Hungary Kills The Rothschild Banks: Ordered To Vacate Country..

If only other countries would follow this example, the US dominated vision of the future and it’s accomplice in this tyranny is the IMF. The US has for a long time proliferated it’s insidious mandate by the use of GOP’s and infiltration of the upper echelon of all societies across the globe wherever it could. The ambassadors have training on how  to manipulate events in any given country by whatever means necessary to ensure that the US interests are best served. The theme is apparent in many countries wherever any govt. is not pro -Washington. The first step is to insinuate  trained operatives into key positions of power whereby they can  redirect financial, monetary , social and economic policy and undermining those who stand in their way. The WTO and the TPP are prime examples of America’s stated strategy in helping governments reach the conclusions that the US so desires.  The influence these key personnel engage in  is not merely limited to said objectives but extends far beyond, as the world has seen to the cost of many millions of lives. Although the bottom dollar is important, it is not of paramount concern, there is a far greater dangerous agenda for all those who fall victim to the US hegemony. It has long been established that the US has a goal, nothing less than the World domination or the “earth” as Barack Obama once announced long before he was president and “The world is not enough” is not just the title of a James Bond movie, it is the driving force behind all US “aid”, because that aid is understood – at least by the US – as a debt that they intend to collect on. Beware the Greek bearing gifts, because unlike Russia who makes no demands for it’s aid, there is always a price to pay for accepting such aid from the US.

Angelina Jolie Wants to Throw Syrian Civilians in Mass Graves

the real Syrian Free Press

Why is the title of the article so harsh? Because if Angelina was successful at getting the United Nations to grant any kind of “No-Fly-Zone” or “military action” in Syria, the result would be death of millions and millions of Syrians.

Why? Because millions and millions of Syrians ACTUALLY SUPPORT Bashar al-Assad. This would lead to the death of all Syrians who would refuse to live under the rule of any outside predetermined government put together by the United States, Saudi, Israel or any other foreign country they, themselves did NOT vote in.

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Angelina spoke to the United Nations last week basically pleading for intervention in Syria.

So this article speaks directly to you Angelina, and those who support your speech.

As you opened your speech, you spoke of eleven trips you have made to Syrian “refugee camps” but have you ever even…

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