Ongoing problems with the official narrative on MH17

Follow the offered links and you will realize the full import of the findings. Excellent presentation and a credit to the AFP



John Helmer‘s exhaustive reporting of the less well-reported aspects of the MH17 tragedy, here highlights the flimsy nature of the forensic evidence and the defence of the Novorossyans offered by the Australian Federal Police – an aspect that has so far passed by most of the media. Originally posted at Dances With Bears.

The Dutch Safety Board (DSB) reported yesterday [October 12] that its evidence for concluding that a single ground-to-air Buk missile caused the crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 was an explosive blast of sound on the cockpit voice recorder lasting 2.3 milliseconds; a spray pattern of damage to the cockpit area of the fuselage; three distinctively shaped metal fragments (lead image) found in the bodies of the cockpit crew; a chemical analysis of explosive residues missing 2 out of 3 warhead explosives; and a match of paint samples collected up to 4 months apart.


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