Jonathan Jones in the Guardian tells us arson is ok when you do it to Russians

Many thanks Catte


vbvbv Pyotr Pavlesnky standing proudly in front of his “superbly well-aimed piece of political art.” AKA a door to a public building he just set on fire

The Guardian’s “Let’s Hate Russia” crusade, like the old Windmill Theatre, never closes. It’s a 24/7 op and needs a constant supply of attack pieces to keep those fires of division and racism stoked. So it’s not surprising a lot of barrel-scraping has to be done, and in fact sometimes the results can be so unintentionally self-parodying they become almost an art form all their own.

I hope someone somewhere is keeping a scrapbook of the best examples, as it would be a shame if posterity didn’t get to appreciate the 21st Century Graun, and its staffers as the fine specimens of journalistic excellence they really are.

Just this week we’ve had…

i) The blockbuster saga of that majestically impartial organ, the World Anti-Doping…

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