New East Network: Who is the Guardian speaking for? Part 1

I no longer take the Graund, it has become so intensely Russophobic it has a cringeworthy factor through the roof. It is now a sinister media perversion of Misrepresentation of all that is wrong with the US and EU dictatorships(the democratic sort) from reverse representation of the US/EU violent coup in Ukraine, to the attempted destruction of non secular democracies in the ME such as Syria. The Graund really is nothing more than an anti democracy, anti humanitarian puppet media for the rich and evil.


by Kit


Part one of our series investigating the Guardian’s “New East Newtork”. Notionally a network of “media partners” aiming to “expand coverage” of ex-Soviet states, we take a look inside the “New East Network” and ask: Just with whom is the Guardian in partnership?

Avid readers of the Guardian, if indeed such creatures truly exist anymore, will be more than familiar with the New East Network by now. A brand new sub-set of the media, a sort of imprint cartel, made up of various publications all dedicated to making ex-Soviet republics more “democratic”. Including, of course, Russia.

First appearing in the Guardian on the 9th of June 2014, at the height of Ukraine crisis – when a new “invasion” was being reported every twenty minutes or so, the New East Network (NEN) has brought us such groundbreaking journalism as “Putin walks funny”, “Lady-Nazis of the Aidar Battallion:…

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