Russia to EU: Dump the TTIP and embrace the Eurasian Union


Translated from German by Tom Winter, for FortRuss
January 7, 2015, Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten
Reposted here January 9, 2016

Russia has presented a surprising proposal for overcoming tensions with the EU, namely that the EU should renounce the TTIP free trade agreement with the United States and instead enter into a partnership with the newly created Eurasian Economic Union. A free trade zone with your neighbors would make more sense than a deal with the U.S.

Vladimir Chizhov, Russian Ambassador to the EU, surprised with a new proposal: renewal of the partnership between the EU and Russia. Chizhov suggests that the EU stop negotiating with the U.S. on the controversial TTIP free trade agreement, and opt instead to begin negotiations toward entering the Eurasian Economic Union, which came into force January 1.

Chizhov said to the EU Observer: “You really think it is wise to put so much political energy…

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