Private firm run by Tory chair of Lloyds bank leaves NHS patients hungry, hospital wards dirty

Pride's Purge


Tory peer Lord Blackwell trousers £150,000 as chair of a private company called Interserve on top of the £580,000 salary he gets as chair of Lloyds Bank.

Blackwell’s Interserve has just announced it’s cutting and running from a contract it ‘won’ 3 years ago to provide catering and cleaning services to NHS hospitals in Leicester.

Interserve’s decision to cut and run four years early comes after a disastrous three years which saw Blackwell’s company accused of leaving NHS hospital wards dirty and patients going hungry. Some quotes from patients:

“I was hungry most of the time”

“It was utter chaos”

“Patients on my ward, including some with diabetes, crying they were so upset.”

“Patient care and safety was put at risk, with nurses chasing around other wards trying to find food”

So surprising. I mean, put a company run by some of the same incompetent people who managed to crash the entire global economy in…

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