Caught red-handed: U.S., French intelligence officers captured by Hezbollah in Aleppo

“Hezbollah special forces took captive a senior field commander of the terrorists affiliated to Riyadh and two U.S. and French intelligence officers working in the newly-founded joint operations room of Jeish al-Fatah (a coalition of several terrorist groups) in Aleppo in one of the regions controlled by al-Nusra Front in Aleppo”, Majeda al-Haj, a prominent Lebanese journalist, wrote on al-Sabat news website today.Al-Haj said thatthe joint operations room was set up so that the French and US intelligence agents can directly command Jeish al-Fatah terrorist attacks in Aleppo and nearby regions.She said thatthe U.S. imagined that the captured spies would be taken to Lebanon and alerted Tel Aviv to bomb the convoy that was supposedly taking the captive American and French officers, but the convoy that came under the Israeli airstrike was not carrying the captured spies”.She said thatthe US, Israeli and Saudi spy agents in Syria later helped a special team of Al-Nusra terrorists – who received their trainings from Israel’s Mossad secret service in 2012 – to find the place of Hezbollah Commander Badreddin in retaliation for the capture of these officers.Al-Haj said thatthe Al-Nusra team is tasked with finding senior Hezbollah commanders in Syria to assassinate them.She also pointed out thatthe death of several Iranian advisors in Khan Touman was not the result of clashes with Al-Nusra terrorists, adding that the senior officers were killed in an air raid by the US planes that took off from Turkey’s Incerlik airbase and bombed their operation room in Southern Aleppo.

Source: Caught red-handed: U.S., French intelligence officers captured by Hezbollah in Aleppo

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