Sun ‘exposes racism in Russia’ with video of nazi Ukrainian football fans

How many of The Sun readers could find the Ukraine on a map, let alone understand that the ruling oligarchs are neo nazi KKK thugs supporting the ethnic cleansing of Russian speaking Ukrainians and any people of colour? Probably not many, which is why The Sun didn’t remove the misleading and false caption. During the 1940’s many British military personnel died trying to rid Europe of Nazi’s but The Sun, content to trash the memory of that sacrifice, quite happily embraces neo Nazis of Western Ukraine. Nice one.



RT reports:

It appears the UK tabloid, The Sun, needs a lesson in geography after it posted a video of controversial Ukrainian football fan group White Boys Club, who wear KKK capes, and paint swastikas on their clothes under the title ‘Racism in Russia’. 

The video was an edited version of a clip posted on YouTube, which shows Ukrainian ultras – hardcore fans of Dynamo Kiev – putting on a visual display during a home match against their biggest rivals, another Ukrainian team, Shakhtar Donetsk last week.

Despite being incorrect, the caption was not removed from the website for several hours.

It is not clear whether this was an innocent geographical error on the part of The Sun, which has been running a campaign warning of hooliganism at next…

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