‘We particularly want to hear from the Conservatives in the audience’: Inside BBC’s Question Time


Sarah Walker gives her first hand account of being an invited audience member on the BBC’s flagship debate show “Question Time in Norwich.”


A curious evening on Thursday in which I made myself look as respectable and unthreatening as I can to go into the audience of BBC Question Time.

When you apply for your ticket, you are asked whether you are a member of any political party, how you voted last time, how you voted on the EU referendum, and how you are planning to vote next time, as well as age, ethnicity, m or f (no other options) though not, I notice, your sexual orientation. This seems to be done on a trust basis, as, unless you are famous or have a unique name, it would be next to impossible to check if you’re telling the truth. Recently there were comments on social media about Tory councilors…

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