As Russia Bombs ISIS, US Bombs Syrian Civilian Power Stations

Very few, perhaps only 5 million people in the UK, know the history of Syria and Assad and the rest just believe the lies they are spoon fed by the media trash and US propaganda sites. If there are any honest politicians in the UK they are in hiding, keeping quiet because self preservation is everything. Would any one buy Owen Jones’s book if he told the truth about Assad? So articles like this are the only weapons truthists have to fight the massive US/EU propaganda media.


by Brandon Turbeville at Activist Post

In yet another telling episode, the United States has again demonstrated its true position in regards to ISIS and the Russian bombing of the terrorist organization.

As Russian forces drop bombs and missiles on top of ISIS fighters all across Syria, lobbing cruise missiles from the Caspian, regular sortie missions, and combat helicopter attacks against ISIS and other “relatively moderate” cannibals and terrorists, the United States launched a bombing mission of its own against two power plants in Aleppo.

The power plants were located in al-Rudwaniya east of Aleppo and resulted in power outages affecting the Syrian people, adding to the American tradition of bombing civilian infrastructure instead of ISIS and other terrorist targets in Syria. The power outages only further contribute to the misery surrounding the people of Aleppo who have been bombarded by barbarians funded by the United States and NATO…

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