Largest “moderate” group in Syria calls for “an Islamic state” in country, Sharia law imposed in Northern Aleppo

These monsters must be denounced. What a victory for the western democracies and the “civilised” world this is. The Syrians of Aleppo include among the dead before Christmas, Shi’ites/Alawhites, moderate Sunnis, Christians, Kurds, Druze and any other moderate non Wahhabist extremists. The only ones they have “forgiven” are ISIS and they now demand that we stop fighting IS. What does that tell you about who they really are. In Saudi Arabia, 70% of the population hate Al Qaeda and the Wahhabis who govern them. If they are allowed to live, these monsters will eventually move against the mainly Shi’ite population of Iran and their Iranian Jews and Christians.They are a cancer that must be eradicated to stop the spread “by whatever means necessary”.



Ahrar Al-Sham militants in Syria.

Al Masdar News reports:

The largest Islamist rebel faction operating in Syria – Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham – has issued a statement [pictured below left] following their participation in the Riyadh peace conference

This statement expressed Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham’s satisfaction with the meeting and its participants; it also thanked the Saudi’s for hosting the conference.

Perhaps the most important part of the statement delivered by the Islamist group was the list of demands that expressed their overall objective in Syria.

According to their statement, Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham has issued a list of demands:

1. All Iranian and Russian military personnel must leave Syria.

2.The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) should be disbanded, along with their paramilitary units – they reference the Shabiha.

3. All of Syria shall be united – no partition.

4. Syria will become an Islamic state.

5. No negotiations with the Syrian Government.

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