Right of Reply: Amazon Watch responds to Stansfield Smith

Fair do’s. The right of reply is justifiable and Adam Zuckerman would appear to have set the record straight.


Adam Zuckerman, Environmental and Human Rights Campaigner for Amazon Watch, has requested a right of reply to the article by Stansfield Smith we recently published that was heavily critical of that NGO. We publish his reply, also posted in Marxmail, here.  We would like to note that Mr Zuckerman was an employee of Amazon Watch at the time it issued its article claiming government massacre of indigenous protesters about the events shown here.

Stansfield Smith’s personal attack against me is as misleading, erroneous and poorly researched as his hit piece on my employer, Amazon Watch, to which we replied here. Mr. Smith, who is the co-administrator of a Facebook group called “Friends of Ecuador–North America” –which serves as the home base for Smith’s ramblings–does not seem to have any interest in objectivity. His most recent attack is a mess of insinuations and conspiracy theories so convoluted that…

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