Please Don’t Attack Al-Qaeda

I never did understand how the US could even consider a UN denouncement of Al Qaeda as a terrorist group(and therefore, JaN) and actively try to protect them in their “war on terror”, hence the adaptation that many westerners have taken up as a US “war of terror”. That said, the hypocrisy of the western world in their representation of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Ukraine as “innocent” bystanders is almost laughable were it not for the lives their gerrymandering of the truth and reality goes. This article goes some way into addressing the double speak and double standards the western nation governments are capable of adopting.


by Steven Chovanec, Undergroundreports

In the weeks leading up to the agreed upon cessation-of-hostilities (CoH) agreement between the US and Russia, it was John Kerry’s diplomacy that was instrumental in “downgrading” the truce from a more forceful and legally binding ‘ceasefire’ agreement to the less intensive ‘cessation-of-hostilities’ now taking effect.

As described by Kerry: “So, a ceasefire has a great many legal prerogatives and requirements. A cessation of hostilities does not.  A ceasefire in the minds of many of the participants in this particular moment connotes something far more permanent and far more reflective of sort of an end of conflict, if you will.  And it is distinctly not that.  This is a pause dependent on the process going forward.”

So why the insistence on non-permanence?  Especially if, as Kerry says, the ultimate objective is to “obtain a durable, long-term ceasefire” at some point in time?

According to the…

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